Cher says her long-awaited new album will finally be out in December

Gay icon has not released album of new material since 2001

Cher says her long-awaited new album will finally be out in December
31 July 2012

Cher has been in the recording studio and has let fans know, via Twitter, that her first new album of original music in more than a decade will be out in December.

The 66-year-old gay icon told the first single from the untitled album will be released in October.

Cher regularly communicates with fans on Twitter but she still knows when to hold back when it comes to the business of her career which is still going strong after 47 years in the spotlight.

“Cant tell names of songs cause Record CO. gave Strict ORDERS !” she tweeted.

She also shared some details about her recording process: ‘I go in & sing for 90 min.–2 hrs.straight! Don’t Like sitting down till Song is finished! Usually I can Ace 1 Song In 1 session! YHSTLOM= 2 hrs. Turn back Time 90 min! I’m fast ! Many artists take a lot of time, but more time wouldnt make my vocals better. Don’t mean 2sound pompous,it’s the only way I know!’

But she doesn’t always have an easy time in the studio: ‘BELIEVE Worst Time EVER in Studio!! Thats why we used Pitch Machine!It just Wasnt working.’

As far as the new album goes, Cher is really excited about her duet with Lady Gaga called The Greatest Thing: ‘GAGA IS MAJOR&Her VOCAL IS AMAZING.’

Cher’s last studio album was 2001’s Living Proof, the follow-up to her 1998 smash Believe. Since then, her only new recordings have been a few songs on the soundtrack of her 2010 film Burlesque.

This will be Cher’s 26th solo studio album. Her first solo effort was 1965’s All I Really Want to Do. She also recorded five studios albums as one half of the duo Sonny and Cher.



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