Cher speaks out on gay fans after backlash

Gay icon caused controversy among her fans after she openly supported homophobic preacher Joel Osteen

Cher speaks out on gay fans after backlash
04 July 2012

Gay icon Cher has spoken out about her fans in response to the backlash after she openly supported preacher Joel Osteen.

Cher caused controversy among her followers on Twitter on Monday (2 July) when she talked about Osteen, a preacher who said on multiple occasions that being gay is a sin.

The ‘Believe’ singer tweeted: ‘I love Joel Osteen, he’s example of Christian! He makes everyone feel welcome to his church no matter who they are!’

While she may not have been aware of the preacher’s comments, she said she admired his belief that ‘you don’t have to be Christian to go to heaven.’

After Cher read ‘something’ in the gay press, she took to Twitter once again to defend her actions.

She tweeted: ‘He never said anything about gays, just talked positive about everyone! Does ANY FKN PERSON IN THE FKN WORLD BELIEVE 4 ONE SECOND THAT I WOULD BETRAY MY FRIENDS!

She added: ‘I’m going to say this & then no more! My bond with my gay friends/fans has always run deep! I believe it comes from our feelings of being misunderstood, being outsiders & wanting to bring some sparkle into this world!

‘We never judged one another…. Between us there was complete acceptance, understanding & Joy! That will never change 4 me!’ 



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