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Cher tweets about taking son Chaz and mom Georgia to meet President Obama

'He was Warm, Funny SO SWEET 2 MOM’
Cher and Chaz_Bono

Cher wanted to live tweet all about meeting President Barack Obama in Beverly Hills on Wednesday but her phone died.

So the Oscar-winning icon made up for it by sharing a series of tweets and twitpics today (8 June) with her more than 660,000 Twitter followers.

Cher was accompanied to a star-studded LGBT fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel by transgender son Chaz Bono and her youthful-looking mother, Georgia Holt, who turns 85 on Friday.

'I LOVED MEETING PRES!' she tweeted. 'He was Warm,Funny SO SWEET 2 MOM!'

Of her mother's face-to-face encounter with Obama Cher tweeted: 'Told him mom's 86'n he said"Georgia,tell me what u eat"& Smiled! MOM was all,OMG!'

Cher also had a few words with Obama and shared what she said to him: 'Told him i would like 2do what i can 2 help Re-elect'

The superstar also described the scene in a hotel room before the group went down to the event: 'B4 these pics,Clothes,Makeup, Flying Everywhere!WE Laughed SO Hard were Falling down!Chaz combing beard in Middle of 5CRAZY Women.'

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