Cher tweets about taking son Chaz and mom Georgia to meet President Obama

'He was Warm, Funny SO SWEET 2 MOM’

Cher tweets about taking son Chaz and mom Georgia to meet President Obama
07 June 2012

Cher wanted to live tweet all about meeting President Barack Obama in Beverly Hills on Wednesday but her phone died.

So the Oscar-winning icon made up for it by sharing a series of tweets and twitpics today (8 June) with her more than 660,000 Twitter followers.

Cher was accompanied to a star-studded LGBT fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel by transgender son Chaz Bono and her youthful-looking mother, Georgia Holt, who turns 85 on Friday.

‘I LOVED MEETING PRES!’ she tweeted. ‘He was Warm,Funny SO SWEET 2 MOM!’

Of her mother’s face-to-face encounter with Obama Cher tweeted: ‘Told him mom’s 86’n he said"Georgia,tell me what u eat"& Smiled! MOM was all,OMG!’

Cher also had a few words with Obama and shared what she said to him: ‘Told him i would like 2do what i can 2 help Re-elect’

The superstar also described the scene in a hotel room before the group went down to the event: ‘B4 these pics,Clothes,Makeup, Flying Everywhere!WE Laughed SO Hard were Falling down!Chaz combing beard in Middle of 5CRAZY Women.’



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