Cheryl Cole’s dreams about Rihanna fuels lesbian crush rumors

British pop beauty admits We Found Love singer is only star she dreams about at night

Cheryl Cole’s dreams about Rihanna fuels lesbian crush rumors
04 September 2012

Pop singer Cheryl Cole has admitted to having ‘girly’ dreams about Rihanna, fuelling rumors that the star has a lesbian crush on the Barbados beauty.

The Call My Name hitmaker told Birmingham’s Heart FM breakfast show that RiRi was the only star she dreamt about at night.

‘We had fun. You know, girly fun,’ she told the interviewer.

Cole’s racy revelation follows comments made by the former X Factor judge at last year’s Brit Awards where she called the We Found Love singer her ‘girl crush’ before presenting her with a gong.

Earlier this year Rihanna admitted she thought Cole was ‘hot’ and told Esquire Magazine: ‘I would just like to watch Cheryl Cole work. Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Bending over.’

However, there’s not much chance of Cole doing much bending or manual work at the moment after she was injured in a car crash with rapper over the weekend.

Watch Cheryl Cole’s latest single Under The Sun below:



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