Chest hair of gay actor Samuel Barnett is History

Actor who played gay school pupil in The History Boys goes smooth for role as Shakesperean queen

Chest hair of gay actor Samuel Barnett is History
22 August 2012

The History Boys actor Samuel Barnett has gone for the smooth chest look for his appearance as Queen Elizabeth in Richard III.

Barnett, who famously played gay teen Posner in Alan Bennett’s award-winning play and subsequent film, is currently playing the gender-swapping role at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, or ‘queening it up’ as he describes it himself.

The all-male production of Shakespeare’s dark play fully embraces Elizabethan culture by having male actors taking up female roles.

Traditionally, female roles would have been played by young boys, hence the actor’s need for a fuzz-free torso.

He tweeted: ‘Ok I won’t go on about it anymore after this, but I have to say that Veet for men has finally done the trick.

‘Elizabeth shall have a hair-free chest for this week’s shows, and none of the soreness/redness/bleeding/pain of waxing. Lovely. Well done Veet.’



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