Cheyenne Jackson talks about his marriage to physicist Monte Lapka

'He isn't impressed by show business in general'

Cheyenne Jackson talks about his marriage to physicist Monte Lapka
17 August 2012

After 12 years as a couple, actor Cheyenne Jackson still gets a ‘metaphysical boner’ from husband Monte Lapka’s wicked, dry sense of humor.

The Broadway and television star says one of the reasons his marriage to the successful physicist works so well is because Lapka is not an actor.

‘He appreciates what I do and is proud of me,’ Jackson tells David Mixner in a new interview. ‘However he isn’t impressed by show business in general, and doesn’t get excited to meet famous people or going to fancy events. He doesn’t have a twitter account and has no aspirations to be famous in any way.’

‘He is more interested in what you have to say about life and the world we live in, than what movie you just did.’

Jackson, who has had recurring roles on television’s 30 Rock and Glee, returns to the Broadway stage this fall opposite Henry Winkler in The Performers. His previous Broadway roles include Xanadu, All Shook Up and Finian’s Rainbow.

He’s been openly gay since the beginning of his career which he thinks has made things easier for him as a person and an artist.

‘It freed me as a person, therefore, I felt more free as an actor, and somehow I always get to kiss the pretty girl, so it’s working out just fine.’



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