Chick-fil-A gets kicked off college campus in North Carolina for the time being

Davidson College will no longer serve the chain's food because of student concerns about its support of anti-gay groups

Chick-fil-A gets kicked off college campus in North Carolina for the time being
13 August 2012 Print This Article

Davidson College in North Carolina has become the first college to give Chick-fil-A the boot – at least for now – for donating millions of dollars to anti-gay organizations and publicly taking a stand against gay marriage.

Davidson doesn’t actually have a Chick-fil-A restaurant on its campus but the school was serving the chain’s food at its monthly After Midnight food and music events.

Nearly 500 students signed an online petition asking school officials to pledge ‘to no longer fund groups which work to stop the legalization of gay marriage.’

‘We have a problem on our hands,’ the petition reads. ‘Chick-fil-A, our After Midnight favorite, has made it clear they are not too fond of certain members of our student body – namely, those who are interested in getting married in the future, but not to the people Chick-fil-A would like.’

‘Will we continue funding Chick-fil-A’s war on equal rights? Or will we find another place to source our after midnight cravings?’

Davidson Union Board President Adriana Nassar and Vice President Cameron Joe said in a joint statement Monday (13 August): ‘Until a final decision is made, alternative options will be served at After Midnight and other Union Board events. The Davidson College Union Board is firmly committed to building an inclusive community that serves each member of our student body.’



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