Chick-fil-A now under fire from Philadelphia City Councilman and others

Chain being protested in growing number of states for anti-gay marriage stance

Chick-fil-A now under fire from Philadelphia City Councilman and others
26 July 2012

First Boston, then Chicago, and now Philadelphia.

A leader from yet another major US city has blasted fast food chain Chick-fil-A for its stance against gay marriage and said the company’s restaurants are not welcome.

Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney has written a letter blasting Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy who last week acknowledged the company’s anti-gay policy.

‘Take a hike and take your intolerance with you,’ Kenney wrote in a scathing letter to Cathy. ‘As an American you are legally entitled to your opinion, regardless of how insensitive and intolerant it may be, but as a fellow American and an elected member of Philadelphia City Council; I am entitled to express my opinion as well.’

‘There is no place for this type of hate in our great City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection,’ Kenney added.

The councilman plans to introduce a resolution that officially condemns both Cathy and Chick-fil-A.

Kenney’s letter comes a day after Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno vowed to stop the Atlanta-based chain from building what would be the first free-standing Chick-fil-A restaurant in the city. His opposition is being supported by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino had said last week that Chick-fil-A’s restaurants don’t belong in the Massachusetts city.

Meanwhile, a group of young activists on Thursday (26 July) are holding a day-long protest (pictured) at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Orange County, California.

Youth from Youth Empowered to Act (YETA) distributed fliers at a Laguna Hills restaurant where customers had begun lining up in the early hours to participate in a free sandwich promotion.

The youths informed potential customers of Chick-fil-A’s donations to anti-LGBT organizations. They also offered suggestions for alternatives to Chick-fil-A.

‘Family, friends and teachers support who I am and they don’t want to support a company that donates millions to groups working to make life harder for me as well as young adults like me,’ said 20-year-old Justin McCoy, who is working with YETA and the Center Orange County, the region’s LGBT Center. 

Another protest has been started online focusing on the Chick-fil-A restaurant located on the campus of the University of Kansas. A petition on seeks removal of the eartery ‘because Chick-fil-A’s stance on gay rights could create a hostile environment for queer individuals and allies.’

Also Thursday, the Human Rights Campaign picketed outside a Chick-fil-A food truck in Washington D.C.



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