Chilean professor slammed for using ‘faggot’ on Facebook

Cristobal Orrego, professor at the Catholic University in Chile, praises gays who ‘carry their problem with dignity and don’t come out of the closet’.

Chilean professor slammed for using ‘faggot’ on Facebook
02 August 2012

A Chilean university professor is being criticized for using anti-gay slurs on his Facebook page.

Cristobal Orrego, professor of legal and political philosophy at Chile’s Catholic University, repeatedly used the Spanish-language equivalent of the word ‘faggot’ on the social networking site.

The comment accompanies a video about a debate held at the University Pedro De Valvidia on Chile’s anti-discrimination law

Orrego wrote: ‘Excellent video in which the faggots who participated in a debate are discriminated against. Highly Recommended.’

‘If someone doesn’t like the word “faggot,” use whichever word you prefer. I prefer not to use “homosexual” because many of them, perhaps the majority, carry their problem with dignity and don’t come out of the closet’.

The Catholic University’s LGBT group, Queer UC said in a statement: ‘His words demonstrate a terrible lack of respect to sexual diversity activists, and to all the individuals who proudly and openly express their sexual orientation.’

In a Facebook message response to an inquiry on his comments, Orrego wrote: ‘The use of strong language, to reject the evil of those who behave that way, is not contrary to Christianity’.

‘To me it seems unfair to group all homosexuals with the category of gay activists, those to which I refer to as "faggots"’.

Orrego suggested that gay people keep their sexual orientation private, devote themselves to chastity, and seek therapy if necessary.

Queer UC stated in an open letter that they expect the school’s director Ignacio Sánchez to get involved in the matter.

Harald Beyer from the Ministry of Education told CNN Chile  that the Ministry is working to ensure that these situations do not occur again.

According to CNN Chile, Orrego refused further comment on the posting.



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