Chinese lesbian couple greets Icelandic PM with street wedding

Many passers-by don’t know how to respond but a few approach the ‘newly-weds’ for photos and to show support

Chinese lesbian couple greets Icelandic PM with street wedding
20 April 2013

A lesbian couple has held a ‘wedding’ in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou to welcome Iceland’s Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir and her wife.

The couple identified as Xiaoyang and Xiaoxiao went to Guangzhou’s High Street Wednesday morning (17 April) in white wedding gowns holding hands and kissing, Yang Cheng Evening News reports.

As Sigurdardottir and her partner of 13 years Jonina Leosdottir visited Beijing from 15 to 18 April, Xiaoyang said she was holding a wedding to greet the couple and also made people more respectful of untraditional marriages and loves.

‘The news (of the visit) has made so many gays, and lesbians in particular, both thrilled and excited,’ Xiaoyang said.

But she and her fellow Tongzhi friends found that ‘individual media outlets are reporting only the PM’s visit, completely ignoring the existence of the PM’s wife.

‘Such a phenomenon in a way reflects how China still doesn’t quite approve of same-sex marriage or homosexuality.’

Many passers-by were at a loss when Xiaoyang and Xiaoxiao approached them with a sign reading: ‘Marriage is not about hims or hers, please give lesbians your blessings.’

A straight couple was seen shaking their heads and muttering their disapproval.

But a few youngsters did offer their blessings and asked to have photos taken with the couple. When security officers tried to chase the newly-weds away, one man even tired to help them out.

‘Hey! Why don’t you let a woman love a woman?’ he asked.



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