Chris Brown allegedly throws punch and anti-gay slur

Chris Brown and a bodyguard are arrested for felony assault

Chris Brown allegedly throws punch and anti-gay slur
27 October 2013

Chris Brown and a bodyguard were arrested early this morning (27 October). Both are charged with felony assault.

According to the entertainment site TMZ, Brown and another man got into an argument.

The pop star was taking a picture with two women in front of the W Hotel in Washington, DC. Two men wanted to join the photograph.

‘I’m not into this gay shit, I’m into boxing,’ Brown allegedly said as he punched the victim in the face.

The victim sustained a broken nose and told TMZ  ‘he doesn’t understand why Brown would be "so homophobic" to hurl such a slur.’

According to CNN the victim was transported to hospital for his injuries.

Brown’s team is contesting the victim’s version. His people told TMZ the alleged victim was trying to get on the singer’s bus, and Brown was keeping that from happening.

Before the incident happened, Brown was hosting a party at the Park at Fourteen nightclub.

As CNN notes, the 24-year-old is on probation in California for a felony domestic violence conviction involving former girlfriend Rihanna. Any arrest could be considered a violation of the probation agreement, and lead to jail time.



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