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Chris Christie 'did not have a leg to stand on' on gay marriage says opponent

Barbara Buono says New Jersey governor 'was really forced' to drop legal appeal to try and stop marriages from taking place

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie deserves no credit for dropping a legal challenge to gay marriages taking place in the state, his reelection opponent says.

State Senator Barbara Buono, who has a lesbian daughter, believes Christie's back was up against a wall after he had previously vetoed a gay marriage bill passed by the legislature and continued to speak out against it this fall.

'I have six kids and it reminds me of trying to force my kids to eat spinach and they say, "Well, ok, I'll do it, but I don't want to do it, but I am gonna do it,"' Buono said this week.

She added: 'Thanks to our Supreme Court in New Jersey, they denied the Governor's stay for our lower court decision. They basically said in no uncertain terms that he did not have a leg to stand on the merits - so he was really forced to do this.'

Buono, a Democrat who remains far behind Republican Christie in the polls, said that since the governor had 'no chance of winning on the merits if it came before the courts,' he had to stop fighting gay marriage.

'He would have been criticized for unnecessarily spending more state dollars on a losing proposition,' she said.

Christie had said he preferred the marriage issue be put before voters in a ballot measure rather than be decided by the legislature.

His office said in a statement this week that although the governor 'strongly disagrees' with the court, he would 'do his constitutional duty and ensure his Administration enforces the law as dictated by the New Jersey Supreme Court.'

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