Chris Colfer on gay couples showing affection on Glee

'There are more heterosexual couples that can show affection freely in schools than gay couples can'

Chris Colfer on gay couples showing affection on Glee
19 June 2012

When the characters of Rachel and Finn share one of their many kisses on Glee, no one thinks twice. But when Kurt and Blaine or Santana and Brittany lock lips, plenty of people do.

Some think any affection between same-sex couples is too much while others feel the gay couples and the straight ones should get equal smooching time.

Chris Colfer, who has played openly gay high school student Kurt Hummel since the show debuted three years ago, doesn’t have a problem with his character not making out in the halls of William McKinley High School with cute boyfriend Blaine Anderson.

‘That’s how it is in America,’ the actor tells ‘There are more heterosexual couples that can show affection freely in schools than gay couples can. That’s just our show imitating life. You really do have to give [creator Ryan Murphy] credit because he put two gay boys losing their virginity to each other on national television and that’s unheard of.’

Even though Kurt and Blaine were featured in an episode there they slept together, many fans of the TV couple feel their relationship is too chaste on screen.

‘I understand the frustration but it also frustrates me so much because I know we’ve done so much on the show,’ Colfer says. ‘The fact that these gay characters are not 100% accepted and are a little cautious about sharing public affection is very, very real.’



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