Chris Colfer: ‘I’d love to do a Glee meets Downton special’

Glee star Chris Colfer on Downton Abbey, his teenage fans and writing The Land of Stories

Chris Colfer: ‘I’d love to do a Glee meets Downton special’
18 January 2013

Actor Chris Colfer has revealed he loves UK hit period drama Downton Abbey.

In an interview with the Metro, he said: ‘It’s so damn good. I’d love to do a… special. Me and Sarah O’Brien would be in the kitchen just gossiping about people, I’d give Daisy a makeover, then I’d tell Lady Mary: "Quit your bitchin".’

Speaking about playing gay character Kurt in Glee, he said: ‘When I think about the thousands of letters I’ve got from kids saying thank you, I feel very honored.

‘But, sometimes, the life of a role model can be a little overwhelming – you kind of become the world’s psychiatrist.

‘I try to take it very seriously because there was no one like us to look up to when I was growing up.’

Colfer also talked about his fears that the loved musical series he found fame on might end some day.

‘I know I’d be an idiot if I didn’t take every opportunity that’s been given to me now,’ he said.

Glee is going to be over some day and if I don’t start making a path for myself now, there may not be a path to go to when it is over. It’s a mixture of drive and fear – fear is the best motivator.’

Colfer is currently promoting his bestselling children’s book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

He said: ‘Whenever I tell people it’s a children’s book, they think it’s 15 pages long. It’s actually 437 pages long – and I’m currently writing the sequel.’

Colfer is also the screenwriter for new movie Struck by Lightning, which will be released on 21 April.



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