Chris Evans and gay brother tell hilarious childhood stories on The Tonight Show

Actor Scott Evans plays 'Sibling Wed Game' with his Captain America star brother

Chris Evans and gay brother tell hilarious childhood stories on The Tonight Show
02 April 2014

Chris Evans showed up on The Tonight Show Tuesday (1 April) night to chat up his latest flick Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

But it was his younger brother, openly gay actor Scott Evans, who stole the show.

The Evans brothers were asked by host Jimmy Fallon to play The Sibling Wed Game, a version of the popular Newlywed Game. It involved asking each brother the same question while the other can’t hear to see if their answers match.

Hilarious childhood stories are told with the future Captain America the instigator and his future soap opera star brother as his innocent victim.

There was the time Chris tricked Scott into peeing his pants and the time Scott took the blame for ripping down a giant patch of wallpaper along a staircase.

Worst of all, there was the time when Chris smacked Scott with a paperback Peter Pan book while they were riding in a car with their mom. The book connected with the stiches Scott had on his head from an earlier mishap.

‘Literally the stitches exploded,’ Scott Evans told the audience. ‘My skin couldn’t hold it together.’

As adults, it was Chris who publicly outed Scott during an interview he gave to The Advocate. This was prior to Scott’s casting on the now-cancelled ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live as gay police office Oliver Fish.



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