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Christian conservative Pepperdine University to offer LGBT scholarship

Malibu school had previously rejected a gay-straight alliance on campus

Pepperdine University, an independent and private college affiliated with the Churches of Christ, is surprisingly now offering an LGBT scholarship.

The school, located in Malibu, California, has introduced the Frank James 'Buddy' Vinci and George B. Ellsworth Scholarship whose recipients need to demonstrate a commitment to the betterment of the LGBT community.

The scholarship's criteria puts an emphasis on actual service, volunteerism, or extra curricular activities.

It was just a year ago that Pepperdine found itself under fire over its decision in to not officially acknowledge a Gay-Student Alliance group on its campus.

A group called Reach OUT had applied for club recognition and was denied. The school's administration had said it did not believe a GSA would be consistent with Pepperdine's mission and tradition.

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