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Christian group: ‘Better to die than live in pro-gay world’

The Family Leader has admitted the Western world is getting more and more LGBT friendly
The Family Leader's Bob Vander Plaat has made several homophobic comments in the past.

A Christian political organization has said it is better to die than live in a world welcoming of gay people.

The Family Leader, a US social conservative group, made the claim after noting nine recent wins for the LGBT community.

They referenced the Disney Channel featuring a lesbian couple on a TV show, a California bill ensuring trans people can use the right bathroom, the US evangelist who was arrested in London for spouting anti-gay hate, and the Colorado baker facing jail after refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

The group also referenced the boycott of Barilla pasta after the boss said they would never use a gay person in any of their adverts.

‘All across the nation, Christians are being targeted by homosexual activists who’s agenda is clear: approve of my lifestyle or pay the consequences!’ The Family Leader states.

‘At first, the cases were few and far between. Now the number of cases are building, and the collective threat is growing, with the goal of suffocating Christians’ vocal opposition to promoting a lifestyle which is not consistent with their faith.’

The article ends with a bastardized version of wartime UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s quote:

‘If you do not fight when you have a chance of winning, you will eventually fight when you have no hope of winning, because it will be better to die than to live.’

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