Christian group says debate on marriage equality ‘a waste of time’

The Australian Christian Lobby have accused parliamentary supporters of same-sex marriage of wasting their colleagues time, with four different bills to legalize same-sex marriage currently before parliament

Christian group says debate on marriage equality ‘a waste of time’
24 August 2012

A private members bill to legalize same-sex marriage which has been tabled by Australian Government senators has been labelled ‘farcical’ and a waste of time by the far-right anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby.

Labor Senators Louise Pratt, Gavin Marshall, Carol Brown and Trish Crossin introduced the private members bill yesterday.

A Greens party bill on the issue was already before the Senate so the move by Government senators may be an attempt to claim ownership of the issue if the issue has enough support to pass through the parliament.

Another two bills, one sponsored by a Greens MP and an independent, and another by a Labor MP are before the House of Representatives.

But Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace said the numbers weren’t there for legislation to be passed and denied that same-sex couples were being discriminated against by not being allowed to marry.

‘The longer this drags on, the more farcical it becomes,” Wallace said today.

‘What an insult to MPs that activist have loaded the Parliament with four bills, and that parliamentarians would become complicit in such an obvious waste of Parliamentary time.

‘All this follows three Parliamentary inquiries in the past two years, none of which presented evidence of any discrimination against same-sex couples.

The last parliamentary inquiry into the issue recommended that the parliament legislate to allow same-sex marriage.

‘Labor should think about the damage this is doing to their brand and put some distance between themselves and this shameful Greens-inspired activism,’ Wallace said.

The Australian Christian Lobby opposes marriage equality despite the fact that no church that opposes them will ever have to perform one under Australian law, and despite polling showing that more than two thirds of Australians want same-sex marriage legalized.

Wallace, a former SAS brigadier, has previously claimed that paedophilia in churches was mostly the fault of gay priests and that most paedophiles were homosexual.



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