Christian lobby video labelled ‘scare tactics’ by same-sex marriage advocates

Australian Marriage Equality condemn Australian Christian Lobby video that suggests same-sex marriage leads to polyamorous multiple-partner marriage

Christian lobby video labelled ‘scare tactics’ by same-sex marriage advocates
13 June 2012

A video that suggests same-sex marriage will lead to polyamorous marriages with multiple partners has been condemned as ‘scaremongering’ by Australian Marriage Equality.

Introduced by the words ‘Marriage Equality, no consequences? Wait a minute…’ the video uses edits of high court judge Michael Kirby’s submission to the senate inquiry into legalizing same-sex marriage and an radio interview with polyamorist Rachelle White (scroll down to watch the video).

The anti-gay-marriage Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) emailed a link to the video to 110,000 people yesterday, The Australian reports, as an announcement from the senate inquiry that was due last week has been delayed until the 25 June.

Australian Marriage Equality said in a statement that ACL’s ‘fear campaign will backfire’. National convener Alex Greenwich said:

‘The ACL’s scaremongering is a sign of desperation and will be rejected by the majority of fair-minded Australians who want their gay friends and family members to be able to share in the values, traditions and joys of marriage as an exclusive, lifelong union.

‘The international experience proves there is no link between same-sex marriage and polygamy, which is why conservative figures like Jeff Kennett, David Cameron, and New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, have no problem supporting same-sex marriages.’

Responding to the suggestion in the video that the Greens party would support polyamorous marriages next, Senator Hanson-Young who brought a same-sex marriage bill to the senate, said:

‘The Greens’ policy, reflected in my marriage equality bill, is for two adults to be allowed to get married, regardless of their gender.

‘The Australian Christian Lobby continues to represent nobody, with most religious groups wary of their nasty, unChristian attitudes. A great many religious and non-religious Australians reject their hate campaign and simply want equality of marriage rights for same-sex couples.’

Showing the debate around same-sex marriage in Australia is getting increasingly bitter, the ACL in turn responded to that statement. Managing director Jim Wallace said:

‘ACL believes in marriage and does so without employing the hate language that supporters of marriage are subjected to daily from gay activists and even today as Sarah Hanson-Young did in calling ACL’s campaign a ‘hate campaign’… I and the ACL do not hate anyone, let alone same-sex attracted people.’

Meanwhile a study by Melbourne-based gay radio station Joy 94.9 showed that the ACL raised LGBT issues almost five times more than any other issue.

The study found that ACL mentioned LGBT issues 122 time over six months and the next most frequent issue, prostitution and human trafficking, was only mentioned 25 times.

Fellow Christian Canon Richard Tutin from Queensland Churches Together criticized ACL’s imbalanced approach to the issues.

‘They totally have an agenda,’ he said to the Brisbane Times. ‘They’re more interested in upholding a very, very traditional view of marriage and that’s derived in their eyes from scripture and societal practice. The nuclear family is very much at the heart of that type of thinking, the traditional family of a mother, a father and children is there. They don’t always take into account the differences in family these days.’

Watch ACL’s video here:

‘Marriage Equality’- no consequences? Wait a minute…. from Australian Christian Lobby on Vimeo.



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