Christian radio host says gay rights ‘cost not just jobs, but lives’

Mission America's Linda Harvey is calling for people to buy from companies like Chick-fil-A, and avoid businesses like Google, Apple and Amazon

Christian radio host says gay rights ‘cost not just jobs, but lives’
27 September 2012

An extremist Christian radio host is saying gay rights will not only cost jobs in the United States, but lives as well.

Mission America’s Linda Harvey was urging listeners to buy from companies who are against same-sex marriage like Chick-fil-A, and avoid the ones who support it like Apple,, and Google, the Right Wing Watch reports.

Harvey also stated her support for National Organization for Marriage, who says their 48,000 person boycott of Starbucks over its endorsement of marriage equality cost the company $10 billion (£61b, €77b).

In her program which aired yesterday (26 September), she said: ‘The National Organization for Marriage just released a very interesting report about the companies that support homosexuality as marriage; they are paying a price, literally, and of course, when a company doesn’t do well that means jobs in America are lost.’

Harvey continued to tell her listeners that her family is boycotting countless companies over their views on gay rights, and suggested that they ‘may be seeing a downturn in sales,’ leading to ‘layoffs and lost jobs’.

‘This, friends, is the rotten fruit of ungodly values,’ she said.

The radio host continues to say Obama’s support for ‘homosexuality as marriage’ is very unpopular, which is despite the latest USA Today/Gallup poll show a majority of Americans approve Obama’s position on marriage equality.

Harvey adds: ‘Suppressing the truth will be our undoing on so many levels, friends, but the good news is that many Americans are not so easily fooled.

‘These radical values cost not just jobs, but lives.

‘I urge you to support companies that support Christian moral values and avoid those that don’t, and help to spread the word far and wide.’

Harvey is no stranger to making homophobic comments on her radio station, as the Southern Law Poverty Center has called Mission America a hate group for their views on gay rights.

She has called gay rights advocates ‘masters of demonic manipulation’, and said openly gay people should not be allowed to teach in schools.

Mission America was also behind the question and answer pamphlet to help parents teach homophobia to children, which called ‘homosexual feelings’ a sin.



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