Christians to hold prayer day for UK gay marriage

Supportive Christians will pray for the House of Commons to vote yes on marriage equality in England and Wales

Christians to hold prayer day for UK gay marriage
01 February 2013

Christians who support marriage equality will be holding a prayer day on Sunday (3 February).

Before the House of Commons votes on same-sex marriage in England and Wales on 5 February, pro-gay Christians will be praying for equality.

Initiated by Christian writer and activist Symon Hill, he is asking for all supportive churches to pray for all committed, loving relationships at their Sunday services.

As well as praying for the success of the legislation, supporters will also ask for God’s forgiveness for times when they have been homophobic, either by deed or silence.

Hill, the co-editor of site Queers for Jesus, said: ‘Jesus consistently broke the social and sexual conventions of his day.

‘He modeled relationships based on love rather than legalism or power.

‘It will be great to see churches and individual Christians praying for the many loving couples who are denied equality under the law.

‘We’re also pray that God will guide everyone struggling with these issues, whatever their views.’

The group Christians for Equal Marriage, who argue their deity’s love is not limited to a single sexuality, is also backing the initiative.

Christians for Equal Marriage’s Tiggy Sagar said: ‘Christ preached a gospel of inclusivity, reaching out to the excluded, marginalized and despised of society and validating their worthiness to participate in God’s Kingdom as children of God and not second-class citizens.

‘Committed same-sex relationships should not be treated as unworthy of the name “marriage”.

When the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was revealed, religious groups such as the Quakers, Unitarians and Liberal Judaism said they would ‘opt-in’ to host same-sex ceremonies.



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