Cities gear up to celebrate International Bisexuality Day

First observed on 23 September 1999, International Bisexuality Day promotes bi-visibility and diversity within the LGBT community

Cities gear up to celebrate International Bisexuality Day
23 September 2012

Cities around the world are celebrating International Bisexuality Day today.

Just like global pride celebrations International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) and World Pride Day, International Bisexuality Day has gained popularity among social and internet groups around the world as a day to be doubly proud of bisexual communities.

‘This Bi Pride Day I celebrate the heroes who helped me get here, and all the people who work toward a world where none of us live without being able to love ourselves,’ wrote BiNet USA board member Faith Cheltenham in an article for The Advocate on why she celebrates Bisexuality Day. 

‘No one should need a permission slip to fall in love, and no one should have anyone else’s definitions define them’.

 The International Lesbian and Gay Association of Europe (ILGA-Europe) wrote in a press release: ‘Unfortunately, there is still significant misunderstanding about bisexuality and even denial of bisexuality’s existence. Bisexual people, similarly to other groups within the LGBTI community, face discrimination and social exclusion.’

‘The bisexual community often experiences the lack of understanding and acceptance by society in general’.

ILGA-Europe pointed to several events that took place over the last year that helped address the lack of understanding toward the bisexual community, including a report on bi-phobia, bisexual health and the bisexual experience in the UK produced by BiUK, the UK national organization for bisexual research and activism. 

The report, endorsed by LGBT organizations including Stonewall and The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, ‘aims to improve policy and practice in relation to bisexual people as part of the LGBT agenda’.

According to, the UK will be celebrating Bisexuality Day with musical and community events in Brighton, Cardiff, London and other locations.

In France, members of four LGBT organizations Bi’cause, SOS Homophobie, Mag Jeunes LGBT and Act-Up will take to the streets to share information about bisexual diversity.

In the United States, the Los Angeles Bi Task Force will host its third annual bi arts festival showcasing the work of bisexual performing and visual artists.



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