Claims Chick-fil-A will stop funding anti-gay groups

A Chicago advocacy group has said, after meetings with company executives, Chick-fil-A will stop donating money to anti-gay groups

Claims Chick-fil-A will stop funding anti-gay groups
19 September 2012

A Chicago advocacy group is claiming Chick-fil-A has promised to stop funding anti-gay conservative groups.

The American restaurant company, which was at the center of a media firestorm after its president confirmed their anti-gay marriage stance, has allegedly agreed to cease politically motivated donations.

In a press release, the Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA) cites Alderman Moreno as confirming Chick-fil-A officials will now ‘treat every person equally, regardless of sexual orientation.’

TCRA reported served as an advisor to the Chicago politician as he negotiated the concessions with Chick-fil-A executives.

A spokesman for the advocacy group said: ‘We are very pleased with this outcome and thank Alderman Moreno for his work on this issue.

‘I think the most substantive part of this outcome is that Chick-fil-A has ceased donating to organizations that promote discrimination, specifically against LGBT civil rights.

‘It has taken months of discussion, both with our organization and with the Alderman, for Chick-fil-A to come forward with these concessions and we feel this is a strong step forward for Chick-fil-A and the LGBT community, although it is only a step.’

According to Buzzfeed, Chick-fil-A did not contest the report by the TCRA but would not confirm any new statement.

Chick-fil-A spokesman Jerry Johnston said the company has ‘no agenda, policy or position against anyone.

‘We have a 65-year history of providing hospitality for all people and, as a dedicated family business, serving and valuing everyone regardless of their beliefs or opinions.’

Civil Rights Agenda executive director Anthony Martinez, an advocate for gay rights, welcomed the announcement.

‘With some of the groups they were donating to being classified as hate groups, and others actively trying to halt the movement toward full civil rights for LGBT people, Chick-fil-A has taken a big step forward,’ he said.

In 2010, Chick-fil-A gave around $2 million to groups, including to certified hate group Family Research Council, who oppose same-sex marriage.



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