Clementi family to walk the bridge their gay son jumped from for anti-bullying march

The parents and brother of Tyler Clementi will walk the bridge on Sunday that he leaped to his death from 3 years ago after being outed by his college roommate in order to raise awareness about bullying

Clementi family to walk the bridge their gay son jumped from for anti-bullying march
09 November 2013

The family of gay teen suicide victim Tyler Clementi will return to the bridge where he leaped to his death on Sunday, three years after he took his own life after being outed by his college roommate.

Parents Joseph and Jane Clementi and older brother James Clementi will walk the bridge as part of the Friend Movement anti-bullying campaign.

The campaign was started by friends Ronnie Kroell and Elliot London who are finishing a 921 mile walk from Chicago to Manhattan to draw attention to the issue and told the New York Daily News that they never imagined the Clementi would join them to walk the bridge.

‘Originally, we wanted to dedicate this walk to Tyler,’ London said.

‘Having the Clementis join us on the walk across the bridge was a pipe dream.’

James Clementi told the newspaper that the idea of returning to the George Washington Bridge where his brother met his death was challenging but it was important that he met that challenge.

‘I have thought long and hard about it,’ James Clementi said.

‘I know that going through that walk, certainly, there will be lots of thoughts and memories of Tyler.’

‘The choice that Tyler made was not the choice that anyone should make in that situation. There are positive ways of dealing with a crisis.’



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