Clint Eastwood says US has more important things to worry about than gay marriage

Laughs off his widely-ridiculed appearance at Republican convention

Clint Eastwood says US has more important things to worry about than gay marriage
18 September 2012

Clint Eastwood may have overshadowed Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention last month by talking to an empty chair, he is now in full promotional mode for his new film Trouble With the Curb.

On Monday (17 September), Eastwood stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the host asked the Oscar-winning director for his thoughts about gay marriage since he is a member of a political party with a platform that is against it.

‘You’re socially liberal, leave everybody alone, but you believe in fiscal responsibility and you believe in government staying out of your life,’ Eastwood said. ‘With the condition of society right now, with the high unemployment rates and the tremendous debt we’re increasing and the government spending, you think there’d be a lot to think about… [rather than] worrying what gay marriage is about.’

Of his widely-ridiculed appearance at the convention, the 82-year-old Eastwood said: ‘The Democrats who were watching thought I was going senile, and the Republicans knew I was.’



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