Clubbers sign gay marriage petition at G-A-Y with GSN

Britain’s most famous scene club, G-A-Y, hosts free night with Gay Star News to get signatures for marriage equality petition

Clubbers sign gay marriage petition at G-A-Y with GSN
25 March 2012

Clubbers in London have thrown their backing behind gay and lesbian marriage equality tonight (24 and 25 March) with a special event at Britain’s top gay club.

G-A-Y has thrown open its doors tonight for free to people signing a petition equalize civil marriage laws in Britain.

And the club has worked in partnership with Gay Star News to bring attention to the fight for same-sex marriage equality.

Already 1,500 have signed the petition tonight and the G-A-Y team is carrying on working into the early hours to push that number even higher. Earlier a team in GSN t-shirts patrolled Old Compton Street in the heart of the Soho gay district gathering signatures.

Meanwhile clubbers have been talking to the Gay Star News crew about marriage equality and finding out why it’s so important.

Scott Nunn, Gay Star News director, said: ‘This has been a brilliant night for marriage equality.

‘Most people in Britain, gay and straight, actually want same-sex couples to be treated the same.

‘But the fundamentalist religious lobby has been working hard spreading lies and myths, saying same-sex marriage threatens religious freedom. It doesn’t as the government’s proposals exclude marriages by faith organizations.

‘G-A-Y has started the fight back. We would like to say a big thank you to Jeremy Joseph and his amazing team for all their hard work and to absolutely everyone who has signed the pro-marriage petition tonight.’

If you haven’t signed the petition for equal marriage yet, you can do so here.

See photos from the night here:



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