CNN anchor Carol Costello proud to be ‘gay gestapo’

American Family Association attacks US news host after she challenged the homophobic group's claims that Nazi soldiers were gay

CNN anchor Carol Costello proud to be ‘gay gestapo’
23 October 2012

CNN anchor Carol Costello says she is a ‘proud card-carrying member’ of the ‘gay gestapo’ after a homophobic group launched a scathing attack on her.

Last week the US news host challenged the American Family Association’s protest against the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Mix it up at lunch day’, which the organization says promotes a so-called ‘gay agenda’.

During the interview with spokesman Bryan Fischer, Costello brought up the AFA’s bizarre claim that Hitler recruited gay people as Stormtroopers because there were ‘no limits’ to their ‘savagery and brutality’.

She then cut him off when he began talking about the supposed ‘health risks’ of being gay, abruptly ending the interview.

Now an angry Fischer has retaliated by calling Costello a member of the ‘gay gestapo’.

‘Homosexual behavior is immoral, it is unnatural and it is unhealthy,’ he said in a televised statement.

‘But for the gay gestapo, they’re going to call that an insult.’

Fischer added: ‘Carol Costello, when I was on with her [on] CNN, she showed you what this looks like. She showed you what the gay gestapo looks like in action. Because she cut my water off, just as soon as I started to talk about the health risks of homosexual behavior.’

Yesterday (22 October), Costello was unfazed by the attack.

‘Well Mr Fischer, if that’s the definition of the gay gestapo, then I’m a proud card-carrying member,’ she retorted.

Watch the CNN segment below:



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