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Coca-Cola releases first Super Bowl ad to feature gay parents

Drinks giant, currently under fire for sponsoring the Sochi Olympics in Russia, is now facing outrage from conservatives for their commercial
Coca Cola has released the first Super Bowl ad to feature gay parents.

Coca-Cola has responded to protests over their support of Sochi Winter Olympics by releasing the first Super Bowl ad to feature gay parents.

The ad, titled ‘It’s Beautiful’, showed classic scenes of American life while ‘America The Beautiful’ played in the background.

But with a twist, the song was sung in different languages and included a gay couple with their daughter.

While some appreciated the drinks giant’s love letter to the patriotic spirit of immigrants, others accused Coke of committing ‘corporate suicide’.

'Hope this faggot chokes on his coke and dies,' one said on Twitter, while others said they would boycott the drink.

But most did not realise that the songwriter behind 'America The Beautiful', Katharine Lee Bates, was a lesbian.

Recently, the beverage maker has been under fire for its marketing.

A social marketing effort in South Africa allowed customers to give each other personalized Coke cans backfired after the site would not allow users to put ‘gay’ on them.

But despite that, GLAAD has praised Coca-Cola for the Super Bowl advert.

‘Coca-Cola has demonstrated to corporate America that being LGBT-inclusive is good business, but as the world turns its attention to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, it's time for sponsors of the Olympics like Coca-Cola to show the whole world how beautiful LGBT families are,’ said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said.

An estimated 100 million viewers watched the Super Bowl last night (2 February).

Check out the Coca-Cola advert below:

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