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Colin Farrell speaks out against bullying of gay kids and others

Film star supports Stand Up! Don’t Stand for Homophobic Bullying campaign

Colin Farrell speaks out against bullying of gay kids and others

An Irish LGBT youth organization called BeLonG To has snagged a famous Irishman to help in its campaign against the bullying of gay kids: movie star Colin Farrell.

The group has launched Stand Up! Don’t Stand for Homophobic Bullying Campaign which calls on everyone, gay and straight, to support each other in taking a stand against homophobic bullying.  

The actor and his gay brother, Eamon Farrell, have long championed the work of BeLonG To and their participation is helping to attract attention to the new campaign which kicked off earlier this month.

Says Farrell in a statement this week (8 March): 'Whether it be the attacking of gay students, which I witnessed first hand happening to my own brother, or students who are in the minority as a result of race or religious beliefs or any other such characteristic that separates them from 'the norm', it is all wrong and has no place in a just and compassionate country such as I know Ireland to be.'

'Each individual, as a member of his and her community, must Stand Up! In the face of this appalling brutality that plagues our schools,' he adds. 'In effect, bullying is no less than the systematic doling out of pain upon the innocent.'

Farrell, the star of such films as Horrible Bosses, Phone Booth, Alexander and In Bruges, recently filmed a remake of the film Total Recall. He played a bisexual man in the independent film A Home at the End of the World.



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