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Complaints made to BBC over EastEnders gay kiss

Several people were outraged on social media, saying the British soap is a 'disgrace' and 'ruined' for showing a same-sex romance
Actors Gary Lucy and Sam Strike's characters kiss in a controversial episode of EastEnders.

The BBC is facing complaints over a gay kiss during an episode of EastEnders.

Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy) and Johnny Carter (Sam Strike) kissed during the 30 December episode of the ongoing British soap drama.

It was the start to a new storyline to the show as Carter struggles to tell his father Mick, played by Danny Dyer, about his sexuality.

When the two kissed for the first time, it caused a huge outrage on social media.

On Twitter, they said: ‘Never ever in my life watching eastenders again its turned into some gay porno shit,’ and another described the show as ‘fucking ruined’.

‘Danny dyers son............ Is gay? Never cringed so much from eastenders! That's not good. Poor danny.

‘#EastEnders was a disgrace. No wonder it was on after 9. Kids watch this program. Being gay is wrong and it shouldn't be promoted #Dirty.’

Several others applauded the show, saying they were happy to see another same-sex romance.

Others questioned why EastEnders was pushed back to 9pm, asking whether a gay kiss was too explicit for an earlier time.

A peak of 7.4 million people, not including repeats and iPlayer, saw the episode.

The BBC confirmed to Gay Star News at least two complaints were made about the gay kiss.

A spokeswoman said the show was only pushed back because they followed Shrek Forever After in the schedule and had nothing to do with the content.

‘EastEnders aims to reflect real life, and this means including and telling stories about characters from many different backgrounds, faiths, religions and sexualities,’ she added.

‘We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in exactly the same way as we do heterosexual relationships; ensuring depictions of affection or sexuality between couples are suitable for pre-watershed viewing.’

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I came across this article, shared by someone onto my feed on Facebook. I read it, I was ashamed to be part of the same human race as these homophobic, closed-minded bigots. Reading some of the comments people have posted annoyed me, one in particular read peed me off... you know the one.. that says being gay is wrong and shouldn't be promoted!! How dare that person! It is disgraceful that in this day and age this sort of reaction is still envoked.

My advice to people who don't like it? Turn your damn TV over and watch Songs Of Praise and quit telling other people how YOU think they should behave.

And the one that said? Oh no Danny Dyer's son is gay? Poor Danny. Erm HELLO ITS A TV SOAP YOU IMBECILE!! Danny Dyer is an actor playing a role. The person who plays his son, again, is an actor playing a role. This is just stupidity in it's most basic form.

Well done to Eastenders for doing this. Being gay is a normal part of our society and should NOT be treated with distaste or hatred but should be respected, understood and accepted.

And no, I'm not gay.

I would just like to say that I think that this is good the fact everyone is open about the relationships that people get into. People think that it is ok to be gay which is fine but the most important people who should be fine with it should be your parents most of all. People forget that gay guys can have children as well, I think that is what some people are afraid of the fact they won't be able to continue the family tree.

I would have preferred it if Sam Strike played a bisexual — bi guy thats because it isn't as common as a gay person.
I thought that Eastenders would have changed it. Only last year did they have two gay guys having a relationship and I thought that they would make it more interesting.
I still believe that he is bi because he likes women as well. You could have probably worked it out already because he liked Whitney from when he first met her in the street outside the pub, plus he's been dating women before he came to the vic as Nancy has mentioned recently.
As we are all watching him we are noticing that he is trying to find his sexuality which isn't an easy thing to do and I myself know how hard it is. I am about — between 20 - 21 - 22 years old and I am still trying to work out my sexuality. This could go on for many, many years and it's very hard.
Then you need to find the right person who you can get on well with which isn't always easy either and then sleep with them but if you are sleeping around and you still don't really know your sexuality then what do you do. You can't just tell the girl who your sleeping with it would not only break their heart but how do you go about telling them and would they try and make your life hell after you have said something.

I think that I am gay but I like women as well maybe as a comfort thing I don't know. I feel like I could have sex with them but I feel like that with guys as well. I feel like I could have sex with Sam - Johnny to characters seem fine to me. Gary - Danny seems a bit to old for me but he is again a good looking guy but I do prefer Sam - Johnny a bit more.
It wouldn't surprise me if Sam Strike is gay or bi even because he probably gets sexual attention from guys and girls and doesn't he always wear the same watch even when he isn't filming isn't that a sign that he doesn't have to feel like he needs to change his personality much to be able to perform into the Johnny character. Normally when actors / actresses get ready to perform into another character they wear different things or change there look slightly I know I would because I feel like that sometimes.

Homophobic hate crimes appear to be on the increase.
New anti-gay laws being passed or considered in Russia, India, Australia and the some states in the US.
Many countries still refusing to repeal archaic anti-gay laws.

Whilst there has been a handful of positive pro-gay news stories in the past 12 months, many people and countries are still going backwards.

The anti-gay lobby is gaining strength.

Gay Pride celebrations across the world, throughout 2014, need to go back to their roots. Whilst we've had much cause for celebration over recent years, we still have a very real need to fight.

If one gay kiss on EastEnders is enough to illicit complaints, there's still much work to be done.

We are living in the 21st century grow up how dare you say being gay is wrong!
It's really hard as a gay lad to come out to there family I no myself as I have been though it.
You should all be ashamed of your selves the bbc have made a realistic story line of how hard it is to come out to your parents. If you don't like it don't watch it it's not the first gay story line on eastenders or have you all forgotten about Christian and syed ?? I am ashamed to say I'm British if this is how British people are talking gays and straights are the same they are not different !

We are living in the 21st century grow up how dare you say being gay is wrong!
It's really hard as a gay lad to come out to there family I no myself as I have been though it.
You should all be ashamed of your selves the bbc have made a realistic story line of how hard it is to come out to your parents. If you don't like it don't watch it it's not the first gay story line on eastenders or have you all forgotten about Christian and syed ?? I am ashamed to say I'm British if this is how British people are talking gays and straights are the same they are not different !

Well done BBC for portrayal of homosexuality in a true life situation! Gay men are not always camp with odd ball parents. Eastenders has portrayed a very common story or very butch father and gay son and the struggles of acceptance! Its real life so bollocks to all the narrow minded, crap for brains individuals that complained! We are here. We are queer! Get fucking used to it!!

If anything I praise the BBC for demonstrating gay couples. Homosexuality has become a part of society and should be celebrated! I am not only offended but also disgusted in how there are people out there who claim that being gay is wrong. Thank you EastEnders even though it is a soap drama, it does demonstrate the characters in real life. Thank you!

My god those nasty individuals insulting the gay community do deserve a fine or imprisonment with a decent education forced upon them. Homophobia should be treated as seriously as racism is as that will make those pathetic freaks in this country bite their lip and be forced to accept it. Most are in the closet gays clearly! Gay people accept straights and don't throw hatred at them despite the face their sexuality is too commonplace on TV when you compare to homosexuality. Why are we generally more accepting ?

I am happy that Eastenders have decided to cover real life. Bravo.

The point of a storyline is that anything can happen I cant believe what im reading. im 17 and gay and I came out to all my friends and family at a very young age an the only reason I new what was different is by tv an the media other wise id have wrapped in in blankets an left it in the back of my mind. Fact is just because we are differnt dosent make us any less of a person because true friends and family can look through our differences an see the beauty and pasion within


Oh ffs! As a lesbian, no, I don't want to see two men kissing, I don't want to see hetero couples kissing either, but that's because I'm a lesbian. Guess what people, people kiss regardless of sexuality and there's been gay characters in Eastenders since day fucking one, it's nothing new, and this story just seems to be a rehash of Sophie's from Corrie, but again, guess what, people struggle coming to terms with their sexuality every day, just as people have affairs every day, just like people aren't murdered every day (except on Eastenders it seems). It's a soap, it's a reflection on society, and as accurate as they try to make something based on real life, you don't see them showing people sat on the toilet doing their business, unless it's relevant (think Lethal Weapon 2). This scene is 2 young men kissing, so the question that needs asking is, is the scene relevant, and considering it's a story about someone coming to terms with their sexuality, I'd say it's very fucking relevant.

FFS sake, these people that are complaining are watching Eastenders for ffs anyway! Who cares what they think, Corrie is miles better lol.

Some of you people should be disgusted by the comments you are writing!!
I am sick to death of when gay subjects are brought up and the words " DIRTY " "DISGUSTING" gay porno shit!
Eastenders are bringing awareness of what young people are going through when realising there sexuality!
It's not easy going through all this change in people's life's specially when coming to terms with this I have been through this myself.
It's people like yourselves that cause people who have feeling for the same sex when comments are like his are made that drive most to sucide!
I understand that all people don't agree with gay, lesbian etc but you don't need to agree with it just keep your nasty disrespectful homophobic comments to yourself and well done for Eastenders for bringing awareness!!!

Critics of this programme who resort to foul language to express their homophobia, prejudice, bigotry and lack of adequate English vocabulary, are, I hope, in a vocal but tiny minority among BBC licence payers.

This licence payer sincerely hopes that the shock and awe of good, lifelike drama, will always win over the ugliness of ignorance.

Civilised viewers will criticise or praise without the need to debase everything around them.

Only 2 complaints? That's progress. We seem to be missing the point that Danny is actively pursuing both genders, so we are finally seeing bisexual story lines. This one seems to be more about a teenager coming out, which is a new angle for Enders (apart from the Paul Nicholls storyline, but that was aeons ago)