Complaints made to BBC over EastEnders gay kiss

Several people were outraged on social media, saying the British soap is a 'disgrace' and 'ruined' for showing a same-sex romance

Complaints made to BBC over EastEnders gay kiss
02 January 2014

The BBC is facing complaints over a gay kiss during an episode of EastEnders.

Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy) and Johnny Carter (Sam Strike) kissed during the 30 December episode of the ongoing British soap drama.

It was the start to a new storyline to the show as Carter struggles to tell his father Mick, played by Danny Dyer, about his sexuality.

When the two kissed for the first time, it caused a huge outrage on social media.

On Twitter, they said: ‘Never ever in my life watching eastenders again its turned into some gay porno shit,’ and another described the show as ‘fucking ruined’.

‘Danny dyers son………… Is gay? Never cringed so much from eastenders! That’s not good. Poor danny.

‘#EastEnders was a disgrace. No wonder it was on after 9. Kids watch this program. Being gay is wrong and it shouldn’t be promoted #Dirty.’

Several others applauded the show, saying they were happy to see another same-sex romance.

Others questioned why EastEnders was pushed back to 9pm, asking whether a gay kiss was too explicit for an earlier time.

A peak of 7.4 million people, not including repeats and iPlayer, saw the episode.

The BBC confirmed to Gay Star News at least two complaints were made about the gay kiss.

A spokeswoman said the show was only pushed back because they followed Shrek Forever After in the schedule and had nothing to do with the content.

‘EastEnders aims to reflect real life, and this means including and telling stories about characters from many different backgrounds, faiths, religions and sexualities,’ she added.

‘We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in exactly the same way as we do heterosexual relationships; ensuring depictions of affection or sexuality between couples are suitable for pre-watershed viewing.’



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