Concern for HK LGBT student Joey Basha

Canadian singer and student in Hong Kong, Joey Basha, goes missing over Christmas

Concern for HK LGBT student Joey Basha
26 December 2011

Concern is growing for LGBT student Joey Basha who went missing in Hong Kong before Christmas.

Originally from St John's, Newfoundland, Canada, Basha lives in Hong Kong, working for UMO Pharmaceuticals/JP as a medical writer and researcher.

The 25-year-old is also studying at the University of Hong Kong and due to graduate in 2012 with a masters in International Public Affairs. And in his spare time he is a popular singer in HK band Milkteeth.

He was last seen at 2am on 21 December, according to reports, when he told his roommate he was going out for food.

He has not been heard from since by friends or family.

The Huffington Post, which has picked up on his story, discusses the possibility of abduction in their report. However they admit violence against foreigners is rare in Hong Kong and abduction rarer still.

His mother Phyllis Basha told the Huffington Post: ‘He didn't have his passport, and he didn't leave with packages or anything, and I think his single intention was go out and get food. When Joey left he didn't even close the door to the apartment, it was wide open which is not typical to Joey.

‘His roommate said he'd been having sleepwalking issues lately. And that he had gone to see his doctor about it.’

This has led to speculation that he may have affected by medication he was possibly taking, leaving him confused and disorientated, although it is not clear how that could last for five days.

And there is another, unconfirmed report from a friend that Basha was spotted the afternoon after leaving his house with a group of ‘non-local’ people on Temple Street – an area known for its night bazaar and hosting one of the biggest flea markets in the territory.

His sister Jackie and her husband are flying out to Hong Kong to help the search.

Anyone with information about Joey Basha's whereabouts should call the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong at +852 3719 4700 or the Hong Kong Police at +852 2527 7177.



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