Concerns of ‘lipstick lesbians’ in the UK revealed

Stilettos, a new group for femme lesbians in the UK, reveals concerns of their members

Concerns of ‘lipstick lesbians’ in the UK revealed
01 February 2013

A new group dedicated to ‘lipstick lesbians’ has revealed the issues that women in the femme lesbian community in the UK face.

Research by Stilettos, a group dedicated to femme lesbians, shows that its 200 members often don’t go to gay venues because they feel they are under-represented there and are sometimes refused entry.

Other issues Stilettos’ members expressed are:

  • lack of representation on TV, films and in magazines
  • straight men asking if they can ‘join in’ with femme couples
  • being told the ‘couldn’t possibly be gay’
  • not being approached by women because they assume the are straight

Actress Victoria Broom who is launching Stilettos, said:

‘Feminine bi and gay women can feel excluded in gay bars, because they look straight, and straight men hit on them due to the way they dress.

‘They need a place to meet and interact with similar women. Stilettos will break down the fear barrier and allow these women to interact in a safe environment.’

A spokesperson for Stilettos, a non-profit group who want to empower femme lesbian women to be proud of their femininity, said:

‘We want to put the lesbian stereotype to bed once and for all, then hopefully people will stop judging someone’s sexuality based on how they appear.’

Stilettos will be launched at a party at Cos Bar, 148 Queen Victoria Street, central London on Saturday 9 February.

Broom has starred in horror movies including the forthcoming Deranged. Watch her turning men’s heads in this TV ad, a common occurrence for ‘lipstick lesbians’, Stilettos say:  



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