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Congressman Aaron Schock says it's 'ridiculous and inappropriate' to ask if he is gay

Illinois lawmaker has gained national attention for his chisled physique

Aaron Schock is a handsome US congressman so fit that he has posed for the cover Men's Health magazine, his shirt unbuttoned and washboard abs on full display.

Schock is a Republican who is against gay marriage and voted against the repeal of the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy but it is the 31 year old's physique and sense of  fashion that seems to be fueling speculation about his sexuality.

So at the Republican National Convention this week, gay journalist Michelangelo Signorile asked Schock if he is gay.

Signorile, host of a SiriusXM radio show and editor at large of Huffington Post's Gay Voices, tweeted Schock's response: 'Rep. Aaron Schock, who voted against DADT repeal, said it is 'ridiculous and inappropriate' to ask if he is gay and said he thus wouldn't answer, but then did say that he is not gay, before storming off.'

Signorile also responded to critics who agree with Schock that the question is inappropriate.

'It's appropriate to ask because there have been rumors reported in media,' Signorile tweeted. 'And nothing bad or 'ridiculous' about it. Can simply say no.'

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