Conservative Christian claims ‘hyper-masculine homosexuals’ are taking over US military

Bryan Fischer alleges a US serviceman lost his re-enlistment contract due to supporting Defense of Marriage Act

Conservative Christian claims ‘hyper-masculine homosexuals’ are taking over US military
12 July 2013

Bryan Fischer, the spokesperson for the conservative organization American Family Association, is claiming the US military is kicking out Christians and replacing them with ‘hyper-masculine homosexuals.’

In a clip highlighted by Right Wing Watch, the notoriously anti-gay Christian, added the gay soldiers are ‘similar to the kind of homosexuals that formed Hitler’s storm troopers.’

Fischer made these claims while reporting a story about a service member who allegedly was not allowed to re-enlist for six years because he supported the Defense of Marriage Act.

Below is a clip of Fischer’s comments:

similar to the kind of homosexuals that formed Hitler’s stormtroopers." – See more at:
The notoriously anti-gay spokesperson for the American Family Association, – See more at:



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