A conservative complains about Romney

Bryan Fischer is not happy that Mitt Romney did what he wanted

A conservative complains about Romney
06 May 2012

Bryan Fischer is no fan of consistency.

The American Family Association spokesman was extremely upset when Gov. Mitt Romney picked Richard Grenell to be his foreign policy spokesman.

‘Romney picks out [and] loud gay as a spokesman. If personnel is policy, his message to the pro-family community: drop dead,’ Fischer noted on his Twitter feed, as reported by Buzz Feed.

Grenell is gay, but has conservative credibility few can match. As reported by the New York Times ‘he had served as a United States spokesman at the United Nations under four ambassadors during the [George W.] Bush administration.’

The conservative Republican backlash against Grenell was so intense he stepped away from the Romney campaign. Fischer now wants to know why the Republican’s presumptive nominee did not push back against him.

‘If Mitt Romney can be pushed around, intimidated, coerced, co-opted by a conservative radio talk show host in Middle America, then how is he going to stand up to the Chinese,’ the activist asked on his radio program, as reported by Think Progress. ‘How is he going to stand up to Putin? How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me? I don’t think Romney is realizing the doubts that this begins to raise about his leadership.’

Fischer has an infamous track record of saying unflattering things about gays and lesbians. He has opined  Adolf Hitler was gay and, as reported by Think Progress, wants the government to treat the LGBT community like ‘intravenous drug users.’



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