Conservative group slams uni for trans photo exhibit

A student group is criticizing University of Minnesota-Duluth for exhibiting photos of Loren Cameron's transformation from female to male

Conservative group slams uni for trans photo exhibit
23 September 2012

A Minnesota university has sparked criticism for showing images of a transsexual’s change from woman to man. is targeting U of M-Duluth for showing self-portraits by transexual activist Loren Rex Cameron in a show 26 September.

In an interview with, Campus Reform spokesman Josiah Ryan said: ‘UMD’s administration has spent thousands of dollars in public resources this year to support a radical and divisive agenda’. obtained emails from campus officials confirming that ‘Cameron is being paid a flat fee of $4,000 (€3,083) which includes his speaker fee and all expenses.’

Ryan also said: ‘While President Lendley Black’s administration’s sponsorship of this sexually explicit presentation may satisfy a small minority on campus, it will surely offend many more students, alumni and donors’.

According to the website, UMD officials refused to comment on how the presentation is educational to the student body or provide further details on the event.

According to a press release from UMD, the event is sponsored by student organization UMD Queer Allied Student Union.

California-based Cameron, who began his transition from female-to-male in 1987, began documenting his own and others’ transformation process in 1993.

His 1996 book ‘Body Alchemy: Transexual Portraits’ will serve as the material for UMD’s upcoming exhibition.

Cameron says on his website regarding his work: ‘What was initially a crude documentation of my own personal journey quickly evolved into an impassioned mission.

‘Impulsively, I began to photograph other transsexuals that I knew, feeling compelled to make images of their emotional physical triumphs.’  



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