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Conservative operative doesn't trust marriage polling data

Gary Bauer calls gay marriage part of a 'radical movement'

Don't spend time talking same sex marriage polls to evangelical operative Gary Bauer. He's certain the numbers are cooked.

The activist was a guest this morning (24 March) on Fox News Sunday. The topic of discussion was the upcoming Supreme Court's oral arguments on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. Bauer threw cold water on all the polls indicating more and more US voters support gay marriage.

“I’m not worried about that because the polls are skewed," Bauer said as reported by the site Mediaite.

Bauer also took on Republicans who support marriage equality, arguing they were not being true to conservative principles.

'You don’t advance limited government by being an anti-democratic movement that is attempting to take this issue away from the American people,'  Bauer said. 'What the brief [Prop 8] is asking for and what the groups waiting outside the Supreme Court are asking for, is for unelected judges to deny the people of the states the right to decide what marriage is in their state.'

Like most anti-marriage US conservatives, Bauer supports DOMA. The law signed into law in 1996, by then President Bill Clinton, prohibits federal recognition of all gay unions even in states where they are legal.

When informed the former president wants the statute repealed, Bauer blamed it all on 'a full-court blitz by the popular culture, by elites and all kinds of folks to intimidate and to cower people into no longer defending marriage between a man and a woman.'

In 1999, Bauer campaigned for the Republican nomination for president. The run was unsuccesful.

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