Cornwall Pride hits Hollywood

Hollywood film stars and their look-a-likes are invited to take part in Cornwall Pride this year

Cornwall Pride hits Hollywood
31 July 2012

Cornwall Pride is taking place on 25 August in Truro, celebrating the LGBT community in Cornwall with their trademark huge rainbow flag.

Featuring a Hollywood theme, the day will begin with a parade through the city in south west England at 11am, arriving at Victoria Park for a picnic in the park, where you can expect an afternoon of food, music and entertainment.

People have been invited to come dressed as their favourite Hollywood film star or character.

The event ends off with a ticket-only party at Lemon Quay from 7pm. Music acts billed for the event includes Nothing for A Minute, Boomerang Highway and Frixion, to name a few.

This will be the fifth year pride is taking place. In 2008, the first pride event received a protest from a group of Christians during the parade.

But Reverend Rob Yeomans from Cornwall Pride states that although ‘there have been individuals and small groups of evangelical Christians who have made there presence "obvious" in recent Prides, there have been no repeat incidents in the past four years as happened at the first Cornwall Pride.’

‘Pride is necessary – just as Olympics and weddings and birthdays, to celebrate who we are and our significance as individuals and groups in society’, says Yeomans.

‘It is also necessary because homophobia is still a very real experience for many in our society. It hurts, excludes and damages individuals and communities. In this way, pride is educative as well as celebratory.’

For more information on Cornwall Pride and how to buy tickets for the party, visit their website.



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