Corvino goes to YouTube to defend gay marriage

John Corvino uses YouTube to explain same sex marriage

Corvino goes to YouTube to defend gay marriage
20 September 2012

Author and philosophy professor John Corvino is taking his arguments for same sex marriage to YouTube.

The co-author of ‘Debating Same-Sex Marriage‘  has posted a number of videos where he takes on anti-gay marriage arguments. While the lectures are filled with potent ammunition, they are not dry exercises in exposition. In an episode titled ‘The Definition of Marriage’ he points to a quirk in the French language where the same word is used for avocados and lawyers.

‘And yet no one tries to make lawyers into guacamole. Not even in France,’ he deadpans.

On his website, Corvino explains the idea behind the new project.

‘My goal is to promote a more thoughtful conversation on these issues,’ he says. ‘Moral concerns should be conversation-starters, not conversation-stoppers.’

Corvino is the chair of the philosophy department at Wayne State University and editor of Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science and Culture of Homosexuality.’  His weekly column, ‘The Gay Moralist,’ appeared in the now closed website (Corvino and the author of this article worked for 365).

Below are two examples of Corvino’s videos.




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