Costa Ricans protest bar for lesbian kiss ban

Chants of 'being indifferent is not indecent' disrupted business at the 102-year old establishment 

Costa Ricans protest bar for lesbian kiss ban
30 April 2012

Chelles restaurant in Costa Rica was told to 'kiss customers goodbye' yesterday (29 April) for discriminating against gays.

Over 100 protestors assembled to take issue with the bar in San José for throwing out a lesbian couple.

Anti-discrimination group Beso Diverso (Diverse Kiss) organized the protest to demand that Chelles bar publicly apologize for discriminating against the couple.

Chelles bar refused to served the lesbian couple and their friends last month after the lovers were seen kissing.

According to Yensy Torres , one of the women kicked out for kissing her partner, their waitress came to the table exclaiming that those types of kisses were not allowed in the venue.

Marjorie Blanco, of Chelles, later told media that the couple was sinning.

Paulina Torres, coordinator of Beso Diverso, explained that the objective of the protest was to promote respect toward people regardless of their sexuality.

Beso Diverso called for the restaurant to implement an official non-discrimination policy, but neither a policy nor an apology was given. 



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