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Countdown to Cardiff's gay pride

Mardis Gras on 1 September brings The Freemasons, Bright Light Bright Light, X Factor's Marcus Collins, Ruth Lorenzo and more to the festival stage
Cardiff Mardi Gras, the Welsh capital's gay pride celebration, will be held 1 September and features a star-studded main stage along with food, drink and activities for kids of all ages.

A spring visit to Cardiff barely whet our appetites for the beautiful Welsh capital.

The summer pride event we've been waiting for, Cardiff Mardis Gras 2012, is only nine days away.

This year's festivities, held in Coopers adjacent to the majestic Cardiff Castle, include a Mardi Gras parade, Cabaret Garden, youth zone, community market vendors, catering, bars and a dance arena hosted by Decadence.  

Last year's turn-out of 20,000 party-goers is sure to be outdone this year with a live entertainment line up that includes:

The Mardis Gras After-Party will be hosted by The SuperMartXé World Tour, presenting The Freemasons, featuring Abel the Kid and Sandra Criado.

For admission tickets and more information visit the Cardiff Mardi Gras website

IF you need a breather from the party, or just want to experience more of Cardiff, GSN has also done some of the exploring for you... check out some of what we love most about Cardiff.

And take a little bit of Welsh with you: Hapus (Happy) Mardi Gras!

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