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Fight over whether Ukraine will pass laws to protect LGBTI people

Ukraine's Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko is claiming the European Commission has allowed it to exclude LGBTI people from new anti-discrimination legislation but the Commission says that is incorrect
Ukraine's presidential palace.
Photo by Dmytro Sergiyenko.

A senior Ukrainian government minister is claiming that the European Commission has let it off the hook when it comes to protecting LGBTI people from discrimination but a spokesman for the commission claims otherwise.

‘We did find an understanding with the European Commission on the draft law on discrimination,’ Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko said, according to the Global Post.

‘They removed their demands concerning the indication in the law of guarantees for sexual minorities.’

However that was contradicted by a spokesman for the European Union delegation to the Ukraine was adamant in comments to Buzzfeed that it had not – specifying ‘sexual minorities’ must be protected as part of the deal with the Ukraine.

Under the deal Ukrainian citizens would no longer have to apply for visas to enter the European Union – one of a number of moves to solidify Ukraine’s place in the European camp after Russia controversially annexed the Crimea region from the Ukraine.

Some politicians have in the past tried to push for a Russian style ‘gay propaganda’ ban in Ukraine but all attempts to date have failed.

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