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Couple arrested for having sex on cruise ship docked in Dominica tell their story

'Many have taken this as an opportunity to attack our character and integrity'

It's been nearly two months since Robert Hart and Dennis Jay Mayer were arrested for having sex aboard a cruise ship that had docked on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

The couple, who live in Palm Springs, had been arrested on suspicion of buggery which is the local equivalent of sodomy on an island where sex between two men is illegal. Ultimately, they were only charged with indecent exposure, pleaded guilty and were allowed to leave after paying a $900 fine.

'Had we been found guilty of buggery, we were facing a prison sentence of up to 14 years in a Third World country,' the couple wrote in a column for 'We have never denied our responsibility for our indiscretion.'

The couple were called 'rogues and vagabonds' by the judge in the case and it was reported that they could be seen having sex on their balcony from people on the dock. A photo of them engaged in intercourse was posted online.

'The media and others have reported we were engaged in sex in front of women, children and out in the city streets.  That is simply not true,' they insist. 'We were on the privacy of our stateroom balcony as the ship was being moored into port. ...  If so many were reported being offended, then why take photos or videos and continue to watch us in the first place?  Apparently, many did to their sheer enjoyment of what they were viewing. The complaints came from Dominica dock workers, who were offended. I’m sure if it had been a naked women they would have continued to stare and most likely would have commented on her breasts.'

They also insist they were 'not putting on a show for anyone.'

'When you pay the kind of money to have a Sky Suite, you have an expectation of some level of privacy,' the couple writes. 'We were six stories up and approximately 150 to 200 yards from where the ship was anchored.'

They are critical of West Hollywood-based Atlantis Events which organized the cruise.

'The real question is not what we were doing on our balcony, but why is one of the largest promoters of gay cruises and events taking folks from the LGBT community to these countries with laws against homosexuals on their books?' they say. 'Why are they financially supporting these countries? These countries have laws against consenting adult gay men and women who engage in intimate contact and in some cases just for the existence of their sexual orientation.'

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