Couple ‘shocked’ when their wedding photo is used in anti-gay ad

New Yorkers Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere are photoshopped into ad in Colorado state senate race

Couple ‘shocked’ when their wedding photo is used in anti-gay ad
29 June 2012

One of the photos from the wedding of Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere have the couple facing each other, holding hands, and kissing each other on the lips.

In the background is the skyline of New York City where they live.

So what was their wedding photo, transformed with a Colorado background, doing in an attack ad in a Colorado state senate race?

That’s what they want to know.

‘I’m in shock and I’m angry and I’m hurt and I’m flabbergasted and I’m livid,’ Edwards writes in the blog The Gay Wedding Experience.

The ad targeted incumbent Republican Sen. Jean White who was defeated in the GOP primary this week by Rep. Randy Baumgardner for Senate District 8.  White was attacked because she twice voted in support of a bill allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions.

‘Protecting Colorado’s families isn’t Jean White’s priority,’ the mailer said. ‘She’s joining Denver liberals attacking traditional marriage in Colorado.’

The mailer was paid for by Public Advocates for the United States, a conservative Washington, D.C., group.

Edwards says that he never saw something like this coming and writes: ‘I can’t help but feel the need to warn other LGBT couples that hey, even after you overcome your fears of coming out to your families and friends and coworkers; even after you graduate and leave that hell-hole of a high school, where every single day you feared for your life; even after all the letters to your senators and the countless marches that eventually won you and your state the marriage equality you deserve; even after you find your soul mate, get engaged and then married… someone, a stranger, will seek out your image on the internet, perhaps on a site like this one which was created to document our journey down the aisle with the hopes that our experiences would benefit other LGBT couples… steal it and use it in an attempt to destroy others who support you.’



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