Couples and their kids back gay marriage

We’ve selected three more videos for you, all of which show why each contributor is Out4Marriage

Couples and their kids back gay marriage
15 May 2012

Real same-sex couples and families have been having their say on why gay marriage is important – and we think their videos are a must-see.

While religious extremists have been spouting hate against same-sex marriage equality, it’s often the real-life stories of love, committment and family which get lost.

The Out4Marriage video campaign is turning into an amazing opportunity to change all that and hundreds of people have already posted their messages onto YouTube, explaining why they want the law changed – from politicians and celebrities to the public.

Out4Marriage is modelled on the successful It’s Gets Better YouTube campaign where people tried to tell depressed and suicidal LGBT teenagers to hang-in there.

And the new campaign has already featured some key figures including veteran gay activist Peter Tachell and celebrities including the all girl band The Saturdays.

We’ve selected three more videos for you, all of which show why each contributor is Out4Marriage.

In their video Beth and Ellen Mellington-Pritchard explain they have been in a civil partnership (the equivalent of marriage in Britain for same-sex couples) for the last five years. But Beth says it makes it seem their relationship is ‘second rate’ and argues ‘while there is a distinction between marriages and civil partnerships I will continue to feel that way.’

This sentiment is echoed by Rabbi David Mitchell and his partner Ian who have been together for the last 10 years. As a rabbi, David is often asked to officiate at weddings ceremonies, if the couple are straight he can, but if they’re gay he can’t. In his capacity as a Rabbi he also feels like he and Ian are second-class citizens and frustrated that the British government is ‘so behind the times’. He says he wishes to be ‘treated like any other regular heterosexual couple.’

The thrid  video, made by parents Rich and John Smith-Gore, features their boisterous kids, Justin and Jasmine (and not forgetting Hamish the dog). The couple have been together for the last 15 years and although they wouldn’t have changed a thing about their civil partnership ceremony, they would love the chance to marry. But it’s Justin and Jasmine who urge the UK government to ‘change the law!’ because they love their dads so much.

You can find out more about the Out4Marriage campaign and view even more videos by visiting their website.

The Out4Marriage campaign is headed up by the Coalition for Equal Marriage, Remarkable and Pink News and is being supported by a range of LGBT media, including Gay Star News.

The UK government wants to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales and there is just a month to go to respond to their consultation on it. Similar moves are also happening in Scotland.

Watch our chosen videos here:



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