Crist denies claims about his sexuality

Former Gov. Charlie Crist repudiates allegations about his sexuality

Crist denies claims about his sexuality
10 June 2012

Charlie Crist, Florida’s former governor, vigorously denied the claims he’s gay, calling them ‘a bunch of delusional lies.’

As reported by the News-Press, Crist made his statement to television reporter Mike Deeson of WTSP/Tampa Bay’s 10 News.

Crist’s personal life came under recent scrutiny after comments made by the attorney for Jim Greer, the former chair of the Republican Party of Florida. The attorney charged Crist, when he was governor, paid two men to leave the state so his sexual history would not be made public. There is also an allegation Greer rebuffed a Crist kiss when they were in a Beverly Hills, California hotel.

At the end of next month, Greer will be in a Florida courtroom. He’s charged with improperly using party funds (he insists the governor approved all those transactions). Crist maintains the recent statements about his sex life is an attempt to force him to change his affidavit. He insists that will not happen.

From 2007 to 2011 Crist was in charge of the US southern state.



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