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Cyprus to hold its first ever Gay Pride this year

To celebrate the north becoming the last part of Europe to decriminalize homosexuality, Cyprus will celebrate gay rights in a 'long overdue' event
Photo by Joe Morgan.

Cyprus will be holding their first ever Gay Pride this year.

To celebrate the north being the last part of Europe to decriminalize homosexuality, the country will celebrate gay rights for 15 days.

Gay rights campaigners believe the ‘time is ripe for an elusive dream of ours’, allowing LGBTI people to be heard and accepted as equals.

The official parade will take place in Cyprus capital of Nicosia.

The mayor, Constantinos Yiorkadjis, will be part of the event that also includes a film festival, an art exhibition, debates, and an anti-homophobia educational campaign in schools.

‘This is a testament to how far Cypriot society has come on issues of inclusion and acceptance,’ LGBTI campaigner Costas Gavrielides told the Cyprus Mail.

‘I am very glad we reached the point where we can organise a pride festival without fear. Acceptance is the key.’

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