Daniel Radcliffe speaks out on gay teen suicide

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has answered questions submitted by young people in a live video chat with the Trevor Project.  

Daniel Radcliffe speaks out on gay teen suicide
18 September 2012

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has spoken out on gay teen suicide while answering questions submitted by young people in a live video chat with the Trevor Project.

A long time supporter of the US-based charity, Radcliffe spent over an hour answering questions about bullying, career insecurities he has felt and why he is committed to supporting the organization.

The stage and screen star was interviewed by Shira Lazar, from the online interactive show What’s Trending with Shira Lazar, and three members of the Youth Advisory Council. 

The video chat was broadcast through TrevorTalkToMe.org and on the LBGT organization’s YouTube and Google+ pages on Sunday (16 September).

When asked about gay rights during the broadcast, Radcliffe said: ‘Certain issues surrounding gay rights have always been relevant, it’s just that they weren’t considered relevant even though they were, they just haven’t been paid attention to.’

Urging troubled teens to not take their own life, Radcliffe added it was important for friends and family to try and help them.

He said: ‘Identifying on an emotional level with another human being is one of the most powerful, comforting, healing things in the world.

‘It makes someone feel not only are they not alone but also that one day there could be a solution their problem.’

The Trevor Talk To Me campaign aims to raise awareness about suicide amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youths, during National Suicide Prevention Month.

The 23-year-old actor will soon be appearing as the late gay poet Allen Ginsberg in the film Kill Your Darlings, which is due to be released in 2013.

Check out the entire video here: 




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